About The Book

Legacy Disorder is a thought-provoking exploration, diagnosing the distortion of our collective ideas of legacy due to socio-cultural influences. Nicole Gibson delves into the impact of modern-dav ideals on our ability to see beyond ourselves, exposing the consequences of self-serving individualism and the imbalance between technological advancement and spiritual maturity. Challenging prevailing ideologies, the book urges a radical reconsideration of priorities, emphasizing our inherent desire for connection and collective action. It sheds light on the harmful effects of materialism and advocates unity, cooperation, and mutually beneficial relationships for a flourishing civilization.

The book goes on to examine the divisive cultural beliefs and paradigms that currently afflict humanity, urging readers to evaluate their own perspectives and bias. It highlights the need to transcend the pursuit of personal success and embrace a paradigm in which we choose compassion, solidarity, and extending ourselves for the benefit of others and the natural world.

Legacy Disorder invites readers to reflect on the immortality of a legacy that extends beyond one’s lifetime, inspiring future generations to build upon its foundations. By relinquishing control and a power-seeking mentality that restricts us, the book argues that we can create a world that aligns with the profound truths of our shared humanity.

Journey Through the Landscape of Your Mind and Society

Challenge your understanding of emotional intelligence

Tackle the pitfalls of materialism and the obsession with 'more'

Examine the complex influence of family and upbringing on your choices

Uncover the power dynamics embedded in society, from authority to blame

Develop a healthier, more altruistic understanding of legacy

About The Author

Nicole Gibson, a modern-dav philosopher, and entrepreneur, is redefining human potential.

Fueled by her unwavering belief in the transformative power of love, Gibson sets her sights on facilitating a monumental shift in global consciousness. Her ambitious goal: to actualise a civilization of love by 2030.

In her journey as an entrepreneur, Gibson has worked with hundreds of thousands of people globally, providing her with an intimate understanding of what we must overcome in order to reach a more utopian world. From establishing a charitable organization, to her
unprecedented role as Commonwealth Commissioner, to activating a global movement across the world, she is now taking on Silicon Valley with the development of revolutionary biotechnology focused on systems change.
Gibson’s impact reverberates across borders, positioning her at the precipice of global leadership.

Recognized as one of Australia’s top 100 most influential women, a finalist for Young Australian of the Year, and a Pride of Australia Medalist, Gibson’s star is only just beginning to rise. With the world as her stage, Gibson’s redefining what it means to create a legacy for generations to come.

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A Movement Bigger Than One Book

Legacy Disorder’ is but one part of a thriving ecosystem of initiatives committed to fostering compassion, truth, and meaningful connection. Get to know us better.

An all-encompassing movement to ignite a global shift towards compassion and connection. Through workshops, courses, a startup accelerator, and a supportive ecosystem, Love Out Loud aims to empower individuals and startups to lead with love in all aspects of life.

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A motivational powerhouse available for keynote speeches, private workshops, and leadership coaching. With her unique approach to ethical leadership, emotional intelligence, and societal change, Nicole Gibson helps you unlock the potential for compassion and altruism in your organization.

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